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Reconnect with your personal values!  Ground yourself in those things that are most important to you while exploring the values you hope to pass along to your children.  Discover how parenting conflicts between you and your spouse can occur due to differences in personal values.  


I look forward to helping you explore your values and how you can live your life according to those values every day.

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Parenting isn't quite as straightforward as we thought it would be when our children were born, and other parents can make it look so easy.  It is not uncommon to feel all alone in the challenges you are facing as you raise your family. 


I'm happy to provide parent support and education to help strengthen your family, as you make your way through these challenging years.

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Walk and Talk

Walk and Talks are designed for busy local San Diego parents who would like a little extra support and parent education, while fitting exercise into your day. 

Parenting is not easy, and I'm here to help put tools in your parenting toolbox so you feel more confident and successful as you navigate these challenging years.

Walks and Talks are held in Rancho Penasquitos, California. 


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