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Hopelessness is a feeling.

Feelings are not facts.

Just because you feel that your situation is hopeless does not mean your situation is in fact hopeless.

There are counselors and therapists who can help you look at your situation in  different ways.

Feelings are temporary.

Think about the last time you were elated, or really mad.  How long did those feelings last?  The intensity of the feelings you may feel today will not be the same as tomorrow, next week, or next month.  

Feelings come and go, like waves in the ocean.

You will not have this feeling forever.


EVERYONE experiences feelings of stress, anxiety and depression at times in their lives.  

Don't suffer silently! 

Instead, empower yourself and reach out for help. 


Counselors at the crisis line are there to talk to you and help you sort through the overwhelming feelings you may be having. 

They are there to help at any time of day or night, which is great because many times we are laying in bed in the middle of the night ruminating about all of our worries.  

A therapist can also help you work through the feelings you are having.  

Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed and hopeless, thoughts of harming yourself may start to swirl thorough your mind. 

If this happens,

dial 911

or go to your nearest

Hospital Emergency Room

so you can receive immediate help to navigate these thoughts and feelings.


Crisis lines are free and available 24/7


Crisis Text Line:


San Diego Crisis Line: 


National Crisis/Suicide Prevention Hotline: 


Crisis Numbers
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